Building Dual Socket Opteron system

I need to to find a Motherboard that can handle dual SLI Video cards, DDR3 Memory 1000MHZ and Dual Socket Quad-Core support, Tyan only handles DDR3 at 667Mhz. Do you know of any that is at least 800Mhz if not 1000Mhz? Or any equivalent to that?
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  1. what is this for? if it is a server setup then go to the server forum.
  2. AFAIK there is no "DDR3 667" however there is DDR2 667.

    dual SLI Video cards

    As in Quad SLI?????
  3. it must be a rendering thing but really use an ATI fire pro or Nvidia Cuda
  4. There are no dual socket opteron boards that support memory faster than DDR2-800.

    Explain what you plan on using this workstation for and we might be able to offer suggestions on a parts and components.
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