Onbourd sound vanished after installing HD Radeon 4850

After windows 7 installed the drivers from this graphics card, all of my onboard analog sound devices stopped working and vanished from device manager leaving in its place only the sound HDMI sound from the graphics card. i have tried to get around this problem by adding an additional Soundcard but this was also not detected.

i am running a windows 7 64 bit machine on a HP workstation XW4600,
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  1. Have you already installed all of the drivers for your graphics card, MB, and sound card? You could also try uninstalling the HDMI one and rebooting. I have HDMI on my 4650, but it does not cause issue. I did have this back when I had my 2900XT. Is this a new install?
  2. i installed all of the drivers for my graphics card along with ATI's control board thing, Catalyst. Yeah i tried installing the soundcard drivers but windows still didint detect it, it didint think the soundcard was there, i've also tried uninstalling the grpahics drivers but it did not help, Nah this isnt a new install
  3. Go to control panel "SOUND" option. Select your sound playback default(i.e. Speakers). ATI 4850 built-in realtek audio chip is labelled"AT-HDMI- Output") on the "SOUND" option at the control panel.

    Chances are there is nothing wrong with your pc. Just select the default playback hardware at the control panel.
  4. Thanks for your replying, leon2006, I am not sure what you mean, To make it clear, the only audio device in device manager andthe sound options in control panel are for the HDMI audio that is coming from the graphics card port.

    This is a computer I have had for over a year, it came with a nvidia quatro card for work purposes however have just swapped this for the ATI 4850 to play computer games, the audio from the motherboard work perfectly before the change, after the change windows does not detect any sound devices at all, I have tried to install a PCI audio card that I know is perfectly fine but is still not recognised by windows at all.

    I have installed and uninstalled the graphics card and tried to install the audio drivers for the on-board audio and nothing happened, as soon as we searched for new hardware it only found the hdmi audio again and reinstalled this as windows 7 automaticly installs every new bit of hardware.
  5. Well, how much stuff do you have on this computer? Something is confused somewhere, and a full reformat may be necessary.

    However, before that, look for any audio settings in the motherboard BIOS. Look for any set to auto, and try setting them to onboard or enabled. I'm afraid this varies by BIOS, so I can't give specifics (or know if this helps).
  6. Windows isn't seeing your motherboard audio drivers, this can happen after you install the HDMI drivers with the video card. As leon said above, go to the control panel Sound and once you've reinstalled the motherboard audio drivers (you'll have to do this manually, dl from the motherboard manufacturer's website), you should see the regular sound options in there beside the HDMI one -- which you could uninstall entirely.
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