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Hi everyone ,
wanted to know the differences between these option and the one that is better to use for a 24/7 OC

found out that 1.38 was the voltage needed for my 2500K@4.8 to be able to Run IBT tests without failing .

so the options that i have are as follows ...

1- Fixed Mode => Vcore 1.42 + Level 3 Vdroop

2- Fixed Mode => Vcore 1.38 + Level 2 Vdroop

3-Offset Mode => +0.015 + Level 2 Vdroop

4-Offset Mode => +0.035 + Level 3 Vdroop

when running IBT & Hardware Monitor , the CPU will run @ 1.38V when stressed , so i wanted to know if there;s any difference between these setting ( since they all result in the same 1.38 ) and wich one should i keep , Thanks !
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    it's a different Load Line Calibration (Asus boards ),i assume you have Asrock or GB board (Level) which is there to combat Vdroop
    read this ,it should explain few things
  2. i didn;t know that C"x" CPU technologies had effects on SSD Performance !
    Very Helpful link indeed , thanks
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