Best airflow chassi (sound level does not matter)

As i am building and rebuilding my gaming rigg that is for pure gaming i am looking for the best possible airflow chassi right now.

I was looking at obsidian because of the design and cable laying but quite quickly noticed this is for water cooling systems.

I have been checking out a few reviews but the top chassis all get "this is a very good chassi" comment. But i cant seem to find one that is the "best".

Eitherway im looking for a few things for my soon to be gaming rig setup:

- Chassi with maximum airflow as i will be using tri-fire and overclocking.
- Sound level does not matter much, but i dont want delta fans either. Reasonable sound volume is good enough, but im not intrested in paying for "low sound level chassis"
- Last but not least im hoping to find one that does not look as a UFO with blinking leds and ***, im to old for that. Besides i think it ruins the gaming with all that distracting lights. So either i would hope to find one without all that crap, or to find one where i can turn that crap off :) But keep in mind that this is not my highest demand, this is just something i was hoping to get, the airflow is the most important thing, and ofcourse alot of space. I am only intrested in the bigger chassis, i was hoping to get one that i can use for many years to come.

Also as my AC7R2 cpu fan for my atm I-860 is total crap and does not handle the heat very well, i am also looking for the best possible aircooling solution for my 860, this has to work with socket 1366 also though since i probably will get a I7 930 as soon as i can get my hands on one.

Help much appreciated, best regards;

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  1. coolermaster HAF 932
  2. Just what I was going to say - the CM HAF cases look pretty good.
  3. Yea ive had that one in my thoughts, how about cpu cooler? For 860 and later 930?
  4. Hmm guys, would i be able to fit three 5870's in a HAF 932?

    If you have a look at the HDD racket it kinda physically blocks the possbility to have the gfx cards going through the hdd case.. But this might not be any problem?
  5. I have the Coolermaster HAF 932 case. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent. The HAF 932 is a gaming chassis and it is a huge beast. You will not have any problems installing 3 HD 5870 video cards. :)

    Here is a link to a very good web site with a lot of useful information about cpu heatsinks:

    The HAF 932 is wider than the typical pc chassis. It can easily accomodate those tall tower style heatsinks that are 160mm in height. I have extra room between the top of my Thermalright Ultra 120, 160mm tall, cpu heatsink and the large fan on the side panel of the case.
  6. Have a look at the CM Storm Sniper Black Edition. Its classified as a mid tower but is basically as big as a full tower. Has excellent airflow. Comes with 3 200mm fans, and one 120mm fan. The inside of the case is all black. It has a built in fan controller, which can control up to 5 fans. You can install an extra 140mm/120mm case fan at the bottom as well.

    I have this setup. The 120mm bottom fan pushes cool air right up into your graphics cards, while the side 200mm fan pushes air accross your gpu's and cpu.

    Its kinda similar to the haf 932, but the force200 fans which come with the sniper pushes more cfm than the had 932 fans. Also, the included fan controller and rare all black interior are nice touches.

    The sniper accomodates very large cpu coolers, anything up to 180mm. Water cooling holes are also present if ever u wana go that way in the future.

    I have 1 5870, and and theres enuf space for another 2 :)
  7. Gee everyone remembers the but ugyl HAF series... but what about the Antec 1200.... hello... big... well cooled...
  8. if im not mistaken, the haf lacks dust filters. With such huge fans, you gna be cleaning out your case every weekend!
  9. abdul89 - I wipe the exterior of my HAF 932 once a week. I use a can of compressed air to clean the interior once every three months. It's not that bad. I am not a fan of dust filters because they restrict airflow.
  10. What about the NZXT tempest Evo? It comes with two front intakes, two top exhausts, one side intake and a rear exhaust. All included.
  11. A good place for case reviews is
  12. thermaltake element v black edition it has huge fans and good airflow
    cooler master haf 932
  13. Wow, no mention of the FT02? It is definitely the BEST air cooled case out right now, and it's also very nice looking if you already liked the 700/800D.

    This is the case you want.

    For a CPU cooler, just grab a Noctua DH-14. That'll pretty much work on anything and cool extremely well.
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