New hard drive. possible ssd?

i am looking to get a new hdd for my pc im not sure if i should get western digtial or seagate? and also im thinking about getting a ssd but again not to sure which one to get or if i should get one?
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  1. Get SSD it will speed up everything u do on PC, I got Vertex2 but get something with those speeds or faster, but way more money.

    At least. Do not go slower. SSD is all about speed.
    Max Read: 285MB/s

    Max Write: 275MB/s

    As HDD goes I like Western Digital

    And here is optimization info in one place
  2. SSD's are good but expensive, if you can do with 120GB C drive or less then they are not to bad. if you want to have a reasonable C drive size then 240G drives are a bit more. if you happen to have sata 3 then you can get 600+ mbps
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