MSI GD65 Motherboard SATA1 Troubleshooting

Hi thanks for reading. :hello:

I request troubleshooting tips, links, 2 cents, sarcasm, lolcat pictures, anything, related to my HDD or Motherboard problem.

My hard drives intermittently seem to go bad. I would not blame the hard drive for this, because the error was just a frozen screen and immobile mouse, only fixable by a hard restart.
However, after that, when the problem first began, the POST would give an error, "3x ERRORUP _____". Drive name or "SATA1", I forget which, goes in the "_____".
However, after 2 hours of cutting power and a reboot, they are fine, and have no bad sectors, .

Chronology in Chronological Order:
0. New high-end ($110) corsair T650W psu, msi gd65 mobo. See my post, New Computer Build for more specs.
1. 500GB Seagate and 160GB WD Drives both work in my external enclosure. I have tested this extensively.
2. I placed the Seagate on SATA1.
3. I placed the WD on SATA2.
4. After about a week of fun and games (lots of games), In the middle of getting my ass dive bombed to death for the thirtieth time, my screen freezes. I have to do a hard reboot, at which point that drive fails to load. Funny thing is though, after leaving the computer unpowered for the night, everything continues as normal.
5. The Seagate on SATA1 failed repeatedly, after a week, only to be fine again on reboot, no matter what operating system I put on it.
6. I decided, at this point, that the Seagate had some kind of problem, and switched the WD to SATA1, the Seagate to SATA2.
7. I Switch them. There, all better. Until my beautiful new KDE 4.4 desktop stops moving. :ouch: ... and the problem, apparently, repeats for the WD drive.

Currently: I have the Seagate on SATA3, and the WD on SATA6. So far so good... for now.

Possible Problem Sources to Eliminate:
Bad Overall Motherboard
SATA controller
SATA1 port
SATA cables
Power Supply**

Drives (used for years in external enclosure)
OS, all higher level software
Video card
Input voltage...

I have plenty of information at my disposal, and have a degree of familiarity with the linux command line. Plenty of bootdisks, Hirenz, etc.
However, I don't know what's important, and I do not want to put useless information on here. If I need to include something, or if something in particular deserves more troubleshooting attention, your mention is my command.
I have eliminated software issues down to the level of the OS at every troubleshooting step I have taken.
Still, I have not yet flashed the BIOS.

*Also, I put together this build with latex gloves, a grounding strap, four dogeared manuals, and the paranoia of the uninitiated. Though it is possible and this may be my pride talking, I doubt this is a installation error.
** This computer has a Corsair TX650W power supply.

Just to give you an idea of my emotional state here, in case that's important, my newegg return policy for the motherboard just ran out 6 days ago, and I REALLY hope this problem comes from a hard drive, BIOS, or SATA cable. :fou:


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  1. I switched the hard drives to SATA3 and SATA6. No problems so far.
  2. Honestly it sounds like it might be a video card issue, and after a hard shut down/reboot it can cause some slight errors on the HDD needing a chkdsk. I have the same mobo and I'm using 2 Seagate 500gb 7200.12 HDDs in RAID 0 with no problems so far. I have heard the 7200.11 series had some issues.

    Anyway I say it might be the video card because I had those issues with a slightly too high video card OC on the memory. I had it freeze up and I couldn't do anything. In burntests it sometimes would flash and crash then show windows and the mouse but it was frozen in place and I had to do a hard restart. I also had it happen in Crysis as well as NFS Shift after a bit of gaming - either freezes or crashes or both. Possibly too make sure the video card is seated in properly. I'm not sure which case or vid card you have but in my Antec 900 II case with a 5850 gpu, I had to actually unscrew the mobo mounts a bit to lift the board up about 1-2mm, otherwise my gpu sat crooked.

    The other thing is, have you ruled out the RAM? Try downloading Memtest86+, you have to burn it to a CD and then boot off it. It'll diagnose your RAM. It takes a good 10-15 mins to run tho. If you haven't touched the BIOS for your PC, it probably has the RAM running under it's rated speeds (tho that shouldn't be an issue). Try loading XMP if yours supports that, as it is a manufacturer set setting. Note that it will probably change your FSB (or BCLK) so double check that. You don't need to use the set FSB, for instance for 1600mhz the XMP sets 160bclk and 10x on the ram, but I use 200bclk and 8x.

    Have you checked all the BIOS settings? Such as whether SATA is set to IDE or ACHI, maybe RAID is enabled or something else is wierd. I think it's probably not a HDD problem because it just seems to me that would be permanent in nature (granted, I've not experienced a HDD problem before). After I set up RAID, I had an issue and set the "failsafe defaults" which reset my SATA settings so RAID was disabled and it couldn't find an OS to boot lol.

    So, hopefully it's not a big issue, never really know if it's a burned SATA port or what I have no experience with that stuff. If newegg's RMA time is over perhaps MSI offers product support?
  3. After a lot of frustrating trial and error, including Wolfram's testing suggestions, it turned out to be 3 SATA ports burned out.

    Wasn't a problem, but recently the onboard ethernet's been acting up.

    Got an RMA number, shipping it back once I finish a website for a friend.
  4. I wanted to update this thread, since I think many reading it would wonder what the outcome was.

    I sent the board in to MSI, and they sent it back, no problem.

    They didn't tell me what they did with it, since there was no test or repair report included with the board, but the RAID device does work now*.

    Not sure what they did, or whether it will last, but I thank MSI for honoring their warranty 2 years after the initial purchase, for a really old RMA number.

    If you have any questions about a similar problem with this board, feel free to link this post, or to respond to it.

    *For the present.
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