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Need help for choosing WD hard disk

Hi everyone,

I wish to buy a Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB (7200rpm) SATA 6Gb/s 64MB 3.5 inch Hard Drive (Internal) (WD1002FAEX) from Amazon UK and I found the following product:

I request you to kindly guide me if this product is the same as mentioned above as everything is not clearly stated in the Amazon site as I need a Sata III, and also in "product features" section "Internal: Y" is mentioned and instead of cache size 65 mb, they have written "Buffer Size: 64 MB". Please have a look at this page and confirm if what is available at is what I need which I have mentioned above. I need your guidance for this otherwise I may select the wrong thing. :)
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    Yeah its the same. Check it now, its64MB now. They don't use 65MB buffer.

    SATA revision 1.0 (SATA 1.5 Gbit/s)

    SATA revision 2.0 (SATA 3 Gbit/s)

    SATA revision 3.0 (SATA 6 Gbit/s)
  2. But as you have mentioned that "they don't use 65MB buffer", amazon uk have mentioned that the buffer size is 64 MB. So please clarify that am I choosing the right product i.e. is it 64 MB Cache? Couldn't understand. Kindly help.
  3. Yes, 64 MB buffer = 64 MB Cache
  4. Yes indeed, same thing.
  5. Just one more thing remains. They have mentioned "Internal: Y". Whats that? Is that normal for a sata iii hard drive?
  6. saadgamer, u need to stop drinking cofee late at night : ) U think to much.

    Internal: Y stands for Yes.
    External: N stands for No, because it is internal .


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