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Hello everyone!
Just wanted to know which company offers the best 5850, which one can overclock to a faster cpu speed and memory?
Now I was thinking about XFX or Asus with their new overvolted version of the 5850
But I'm not sure, and don't know much to see the difference.
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  1. All HD 5850 / HD 5870 rolls off of the same production lines at the moment. So far there are no unique / custom designs for sale now.

    Only Asus offers software tweaking which makes them unique in that respect.

    Lastly HD 5850s are selling for ~ $300 (HD 5870 are ~ $400+) since AMD increased price due to low yields of 40nm GPUs from TSMC.
  2. The warranty and costumer service are the differences as I asked in my post before I decided to buy one. I was going to go with the ASUS one but they are OUT and I mean EVERYWHERE. So I got the xfx version, dont see any differences then the sticker on the card which faces down anyway. Customer support is great for ASUS, XFX, Gigabyte if you go Diamond you might end up getting screwed due to bad customers service, I can only recommend the XFX version.
  3. As far as I know Asus even offers warranty when overclocking with their utility
  4. Just avoid Diamond and you should be fine. Their customer service is a joke.
  5. Thanks guys :)
    I will go with the XFX version because for some reason I heard it overclocked better than the Saphire version and it's also the cheapest on Amazon.
  6. ^^^

    No not really. Like I stated before, all HD 5850 right now are based on the reference design, they all roll off the same production lines then a namebrand sticker is slapped on them.

    Last time I checked, stickers with brandnames on them have no effect on OC capabilities.


    The best HD 5850 is probably the one that's still in stock for your to place an order...
  7. What about HIS company?
  8. HIS is decent but the ASUS and XFX ones run you better customer service should you need it. But like jaguarskx said, get the one that is available :) . I have an XFX one, and will buy either ASUS or XFX again for crossfire.
  9. The best HD5850 is one that's in stock.
  10. I hate to bump such an old thread, but I've decided on buying an HD 5850 for my build, and was curious if this still holds true now. The point with respect to any 5850 manufacturer will suffice, save for Diamond as they have crappy customer support. I see ASUS, Saphirre, HIS, Gigabyte, and XFX as being mentioned as a go. What about Visiontek, Powercolor, or MSI? Just go with whichever is in stock, and at the best price?
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