Tough decision: What is the BEST $300 GPU right now.

Ive been online looking for $300 range gpu's. Ive seen so many different choices I could go with, The hd4870x2, the hd 5850, the gtx 275, the gtx 280. So many choices that I got a headache, So i came here so you guys can help me pick the $300 card that flat out performs better then the others. if it helps my specs are

AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE @ 3.7Ghz
Windows 7 Ultimate
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  1. Right now I would say its the 5850 hands down. Supports DX 11 which is nice. Its just barely at 300$ and it benches as good and even better sometimes then the GTX285. I got the XFX version and it hasnt let me down ONCE. Every game I play I run at my monitor max with everything turned on max AA/AF. Those games are COD4, Crysis Warhead, Dragon Age(Awesome game), GTA IV. Once prices are down a bit I will get a 2nd one for crossfire. It also runs very cool and consumes a substantially lower amount of power then its competitors.
  2. Well, had you bought at launch you'd have gotten a 5850 for $259 like me :) No complaints here... actually, I did think up ONE complaint. The current ATI drivers do NOT work with the 5000 series and The Witcher. Sad... I got my copy for $14 and was all excited to play it... no dice. Other than that game, everything works like a dream, it's fast as hell, not too loud and it isn't a power-hog like its Nvidia competition.
  3. Technically the 4870x2, in most cases, outperforms the 5850. But when you consider that the 5850 takes less power, generates FAR less heat, is smaller, has DX11, and is all shiny and new. I'd have to say the 5850 is the BEST choice. That is, if you can find it. But hey.... you will eventually find one. It's easy, even a caveman can do it!
  4. Yep, I have to agree that the HD 5850 is the best solution out there.
  5. Like I said the 5850 is great, running on windows 7 now. And am buying my second one within a week now at Frys for crossfire. Should be great.
  6. An HD4870x2 is a bit more powerful but the HD5850 has many advantages listed by people earlier. In any case where are you finding an HD4870x2 for $300?
  7. The 4870x2 is now an older card I guess. You loose a few fps with the 5850 but you get a new card that is great and supports DX11 and soon they will be available again so you can get 2 :) . Imo 5850 is a better investment then the 4870x2.
  8. I'm pretty much in the same boat. I could go with a 4870X2 or a 5850. There is an article on overclocking the 5850 over on Xbit Labs. According to thier tests an overclocked 5850 is extremely impressive. what I"m wonding... is when prices drop... will the 5850 work with a 5870 in crossfire. Supposedly they will???
  9. One more vote for the 5850. You'll honestly be happy with the performance of either it or the 4870x2 against any game on the market today. And if you're like me and you keep graphics cards for 2-3 years to squeeze every last bit of value out of them, you'll be glad you have the DX11 capability.
  10. It is fixed in 9.12! Hooray!
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