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Please help me i got my ecsa780gm-m3 mobo with 1gig ram ddr2 800buss and now plan to purchase pcie video card, mostly for my low and middle end online game.
which is better palit 9500gt 1 gig ddr2 128 bit or sapphire ati radeon HD4350 1 gig ddr2 128 bit.

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  1. get this instead
    SAPPHIRE 100295HDMI Radeon HD 4670 512MB 128-bit GDDR3

    it will be better than the 9500GT by a little since the 9500 you chose is DDR2 memory (not DDR3), should be quite a bit better than the 4350

    also, don't worry about 1GB of video memory on the video card since these are low end cards they are not really fast enough to utilize the 1GB, by this i mean by the time they would need 1GB of frame buffer the GPU wouldn't even be able to keep up with that much detail
  2. Many thanks for your advise , I go for it at least maybe its less price since it is only 512. :hello:
  3. I offer a second vote of confidence for the Sapphire HD 4670.
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