Help with reflashing bios with new CPU?

I purchased the "GIGABYTE GA-785GMT-USB3 AM3 AMD 785G HDMI USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD" to go with my AMD Phenom II 1055T based on compatibility on Gigabyte website.

However now it seems that it will require a bios upgrade to support the 1055T. I do not have another working AMD processor with this MOBO so I am not sure how to upgrade the Bios once I get it. Am I screwed or can any of the experts help me get me out of this potential mess?
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  1. If you can, download the bios update from another pc and save it on a usb stick. Then use Qflash (F9 I think) with your usb stick in your own pc. And flash the bios from this drive. I think you should still be able to do this with the x6 processor installed. Although i may be wrong, it's worth a try.
  2. I have the Phenom II 1055t and the Gigabyte GA MA785GM US2H. I have been attempting to flash the existing bios (v. F7) for the last three days using bootable USB stick with the Qflash bios update on the stick and by burning a cd with the same files. Apparently the 1055t is causing all of the bios functions to hang or lock up: del key for bios setup - will not enter setup, just hangs with the message 'preparing to enter bios setup'; qflash hangs with message 'preparing to launch qflash utility' (end key on this mobo); I've cleared the cmos 2-3 times, the boot order menu starts to respond (polling the devices) but never allows any change screens to load.

    Gigabyte support has been non responsive to the two messages sent. I'm waiting for delivery of a supported chip (Sempron 140) to install and attempt bios flash update. If this and one more trick don't work the board goes back to microcenter and I look for an Asus so at least there is the chance of some support communication if I run into any tech problems.

  3. Unfortunately I am in the exact same boat. Board does not want to work with the new AMD CPU.
  4. I am still stuck as well. I am thinking of buying a cheap AM3 processor (sempron 140)to get past the issue. Has anyone tried this approach.
  5. Before buying another processor I'd call gigabyte and see if they'll send you a BIOS chip with the newest firmware on it. I'd imagine that would be much cheaper.
  6. Can you comment on the difficulty on replacing the bios chip on motherboard. Does it compare to replacing cpu. Does it require soldering?
  7. Look at your manual to see where it's located for your board.

    It's not a big deal you just pull it off. If it's on there real tight you can use a flathead screwdriver to help get some leverage, although I'd be careful. Then you take your new chip and put it in the socket making sure that it's installed in the right direction. There should be a notch on your old chip and the new one which will indicate which way to put it in.
  8. pinkeyes said:
    Before buying another processor I'd call gigabyte and see if they'll send you a BIOS chip with the newest firmware on it. I'd imagine that would be much cheaper.

    Yes just call Gigabyte and they will send you new bios chip for 15 bucks. Snap her in there and you should be good to go on a fresh install with your new CPU. I had the same issue with my Asus board and they did just that so I could fire up my new 955 Black Edition Amd Quad Core. Best of Luck...
  9. While investigating someone else's issue on the forum here I discovered that there's the possibility that his Gigabyte board may not have a removable BIOS chip. Take a look on your board to see if it's in a socket or soldered on.
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