Wanted: Exact Samsung HD103SJ 1TB

I need to replace the PCB on my hard drive, and I am willing to pay $100 for the exact match

Samsung HD103SJ

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  1. Please post this in the "Classifieds" section - You will get better and more responses.
  2. Also try ebay.
  3. A real problem is that each drive will have different geometry, and the geometry information is usually stored on a chip on the circuit board. So, you would have to move the chip to the new board. And all of this will only work if the problem is the board in the first place.

    For a lengthy, poorly-translated, but informative article which leads up to this point, you can look at
  4. Modern WD, Seagate, Hitachi, and Maxtor drives store unique, drive specific, "adaptive" information on the PCB. This information must be transferred to the replacement PCB. Sometimes you can be lucky with a straight swap if the tolerances are close. I've seen this happen in WD's case, but never for Seagate.

    Samsung drives, OTOH, seem to be affected by two schools of thought. I witnessed a thread at HDD Guru where one experienced data recovery professional insisted that he always needed to transfer the adaptives, whereas his colleagues seemed to be saying that a straight board swap should work. I myself have seen user reports that fall in both camps. That is, some Samsung users have reported that a straight swap worked for them, whereas others have needed to move the serial flash memory chip.

    BTW, I'm not involved in data recovery. I'm just an interested observer.

    What is the problem with the original PCB? Sometimes there is an easy DIY fix.
  5. Samsung Hard Drive PCB Swap Replacement Guide:
    Match the board number which is etched on the PCB. The number is begin with BF41, as:
  6. Talk about two years late, tomfans.

    I found an exact same hard drive and replaced the boards and it worked.
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