Plze tell me a good gpu

plz tell me a best or good gpu who can run game till 3 year with price range of 7000-12000 Rs Indian currency with possible detail and price

i am thinking about ATI hd4890 ,hd4870,hd4770,hd5770,hd5870 ,gtx260,gtx250

thank you :)
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  1. If that equals about $250, then I would get a HD 5850. My second choice would be a 5770 if you can't find a 5850 for that price.
  2. Sapphire HD 4890 costs about 12K.
    Sapphire HD 5770 for 11K.
    GTX 260 costs around 10.5K.

    4890 is the best among all of those and probably the best card for 12000Rs.
    So get that.

    But you'll need to check your SMPS.
    It should be compatible.

    And what resolution you'll be playing at?
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