Is this a safe overclock??

I just overclocked my gainward gtx 560 and was wondering if this is ok?


core voltage: 1012

core clock: 822

shader clock: 1645

memory clock: 2020

fan speed: auto

After overclock....

core voltage: 1125

core clock: 934

shader clock: 1868

memory clock: 2300

I tested it out by playing bf3 and it got up to 87 degrees, i understand that is still within the safe range just?? The fan did reach 78% speed aswell, is that acceptable? also in the msi hardware monitor it says the core clock reached 951, and the memory clock reached 2300 does that mean they need to go even higher?

so what do you think, Is that a safe increase in voltage and a safe overclock in general ??? cheers!
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  4. If you have a better cooling system then ofcourse it is
  5. What software r u using to overclock ur card?
  6. But. Nowhave it more stable with 1112, 1003 mem. 2199 and it is getting better temps and more stable temps not fluctuating
  7. Did you try the overclock without upping the voltage at first? Higher voltage will always give you more heat regardless of what your core clock is. and anything above 80 degrees is pushing it. The card won't be damaged on the spot per say, but if you're constantly gaming at too high of temps the lifespan will be much much shorter.
  8. yeah, i couldnt go past 891 on the core clock without upping the voltage. my temps are actually better now than they were with the overclock i originally posted with lower fan speeds. In battlefield 3 mp, it hits about 83 at around 60% fan speed, but bf3 is the worst, alan wake, nfs the run etc, run at about 68 degrees at around 50% fan speed. thats not pushing it to hard is it? i wouldnt go any further.
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