If you think ssd's are expensive, you have to read this

This past weekend was the 55th anniversary of the hard drive.

The first hard disk drive was the IBM 305 RAMAC. The capacity was 5MB and access time was 600ms. IBM did not sell the drives. Instead, IBM leased the drives for $38,400.00 per year! :o

Here is the link to the article and photos:


Someone with exceptional math skills please post the cost per GB for a one year lease.

I purchased my first hard drive in 1986. It was a Seagate 10MB model that cost $399.99. Beat the heck out of swapping 5.25 inch floppy disk drives for the DOS operating system, word processing, and Flight Simulator.

I'm pretty sure 1986 was the year Bill Gates told us 640MB of memory was all we would ever need :lol:

BTW - I am using an IBM Model M keyboard to type this. The keyboard will be 19 years old in December. Greatest keyboard ever made for typing. The size, shape, feel, sound, and layout of the keys is identical to the old IBM Selectric typewriters. Those IBM Selectrics were the all time best selling typewriters ever made. IBM sold more of them than all the other companies combined.

Those were the good old days :D
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  1. I'm dating myself but when 40 MB. not "GB" HD's were the standard, I bought a 100 MB. HD for $1000.
  2. "My" (families really...) old 286 had a 20MB drive. It was a hand me down from my dads office. He was self employed and when he upgraded his office machines he'd bring home the parts for us to add to our computer. We eventually got an additional 80MB drive this way. I have no clue what he paid for these drives, but I'm sure it was a lot.

    I remember when he was setting up the server for his office. About a week before he bought the computer a fire happened in RAM makers building. The price of ram went through the roof. I'm pretty sure I head the guy who was configuring the server tell my dad that if he wanted 4MBs of ram (yes, MBs, not GBs.) it was going to run him $399. That's the beauty of computers. Faster and cheaper all the time.
  3. If SSDs were making a large profit margin vs production cost, the price of SSDs per GB would have dropped tremendously the past 6-12months. There are at least 10 companies I can think of at the top of my head producing SSDs on the market right now. Meaning, there is a high amount of competition in the market. I bought my first SSD a year ago for 1.75/per GB and it hasn't really changed much.

    After switching to SSDs, I will never go back to HDD except for storage. At first I was hesitant thinking it was overpriced, but once you have an SSD, it is like a breath of fresh air.

    I give it about another 3 years before SSDs hit the magic number of $1.00/per GB
  4. If SSD's were reliable and less hassle, more people would buy them but right now but they are suffering new tech blues. Don't kid yourself into thinking SSDs are not profitable, because they are. With new tech the price stays high as long as possible to recover development costs as quickly as possible. Then it's a gravy train.
  5. ikyung - I bought my Kingston ssdNOW 100V+ 96GB ssd when newegg.com had it on sale for $99.99 and free shipping. Every once in a while newegg repeats the sale.
  6. I'm not sure why so many want a $ per GB. I can pick up 500 and 1TB drives for $50. Why should I get a 500GB SSD for $500?

    I know only the OS and programs you want speed for need to be on the SSD. All my music and other data files can be on hdds. But if we really want to get rid of hdds, we'll need much larger SSDs at a much cheaper point.
  7. I think I bought my first SSD about 2 Years back the Intel X25-M SSD and it cost me around 245$ Approx for 80GB that's about 3$/GB. But looking at the rest of the rig, that has about 7.5TB of HDD internal and external included, I'd say the SSD for the OS was worth the price.
    Although, I'd love to invest in a Revo now but still have to check the Mobos which will allow the PCIe Booting thing.
    Yup if the prices went that down, I would go for another lets say 2X500GB set.... purely for the OS , Programs and games. the rest can stay on my HDDs.

    OS: Forgot about the "Exceptional Maths Skills part":)
    It's 7680000$ approx. Per Year for 1GB of Leased IBM 305 RAMAC Space. I bet I could lease out Buckingham or at at least a few rooms from there at that rate....:)
  8. WOW $7,680,000.00 USD per GB per Year!!!!!!!
  9. ? Alyoshka figured it out above your post. I was going to ask if he remembered that it's 1024MBs in a GB, but then decided it didn't matter to much. I'm sure todays figures are computed at 1,000 in a GB.
  10. Caught it and edited my post accordingly.

    Too many zeroes for my calculator :lol:
  11. :) I just added a word to compensate for the 24 that might be missing.....
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