Other's shows weird topic - is it my graphics card?

Well, I went to the Others and saw a weird message. I don't know if it's my screen or graphics card. Maybe the APU on my CPU. So I thought I'd start here.

You can have a look here:

And then here:

Should I upgrade?
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  1. Yes, you clearly need to upgrade to an apple.
  2. I was thinking in that line. But I heard that it struggles to "render" TCP/IP V6 addressing. So if the transition occurs, I might not be able to come here anymore.
  3. You have been badly informed, probably you were distracted by the cute agents of evil that MS dispatch to various mega store outlets under the guise of 'laptop hunting'. Those hussys might as well have William Tell playing from their ZuneHD's as they will do anything to ensure that informed consumers like yourself end up with their masters inferior wares.
  4. It might be the case. I will try Apple. I see it's in a lot of movies / live shows etc. these days.

    Is it true Apple ONLY support Nvidia due to superior render capabilities?
  5. Why do you think certain parts of my great non surrendering country get subsidised rad(e)on detectors? It's so we have plenty of early warning of budget AMD builds.
  6. Like the 9200 or 4950?
  7. It struggles with such low end hardware as it can only detect a half decent whiff of technological advancement.
  8. What about those new Iron(ing) boards from Nvidia? Are they OK or do they still need to smooth out the design creases?
  9. This topic is humorous.
  10. Unlike your contribution. Here, don this novelty Llama suit and stand in the corner. We'll find a more active part for you to play in a moment or two.
  11. Quote:
    Vok, everyone knows intel make the best stuff around, even their last generation gpu's run rings around anyone else, stick to them.

    You will hear tons of noobs here who say you need a dedicated card but come on, they are posting on toms forums, that tells you all you need to know, doesn't it.

    Yes. Yes it does. Does integrated come with ext molex power? My PSU is only 150W so I'm a wee bit concerned that it might draw my 9V rail to oblivion. If I buy a 160W PSU, will my FPS be better?
  12. Nope of course not.
    150 isnt divisable by 9
    Neither is 160, but I do have some chrome muffler bearings for your cpu, in case it gets hot
  13. And a neon light to fit underneath my box? It's a ivory one with flames on the side.
  14. Ivories nice, but do try to do something about those flames
  15. Well actually, it was real flames at some point. When I still had my 386SX, it had a turbo button. So when I pushed it, flames would come out and it's the burn marks that now remain looking like flames.
  16. ZOMGKEWL!!!
    Can you reproduce this? I see monies pouring in, sorta like a moneytree
  17. How about I sell you a money tree?
  18. Got one, from Things from wingdings or something like that.
    Strange shop too, had curtains all around, sorta spotted

    Ya'll know there's an option to vote as well on this issue of ati being slow and all.
  20. audiovoodoo said:
    What about those new Iron(ing) boards from Nvidia? Are they OK or do they still need to smooth out the design creases?

    Speaking of which. I read that Nvidia showed off a fake card at a recent PR event? Is this true? Aren't they able to compete with Intel*?

    *I don't see any competition between AMD and Nvidia and I recon Nvidia's main competitor is Intel. Next year the situation might change of course, and we might see Nvidia competing with Voodoo or something.
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