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I've got a problem with my ethernet port, integrated into the motherboard. I have an XFX 8300 Geforce, nForce 730a motherboard. I think the integrated ethernet port stopped working since i installed BIOS update 1.8 over BIOS version 1.6 from 1.7. Unfortunately XFX don't provide updates bellow 1.7 now any more to download and i remember that BIOS version 1.6 was the last version i had in which my integrated ethernet port was working. Is it possible do you think that actually upgrading the BIOS can have some negative effects on hardware, i mean disable them. Because i have tried alot to make it recognised in network devices. The hardware does not appear up in device manager i fear the worst that the ethernet port is genuinly broken, but the motherboard is only less than a year old. Also i had the wired ethernet port working in the past, it's just that for sometime i've been using a wireless USB adapter for the internet. I have selected in BIOS "enable PCI-e LAN" and all other options available that would play a role in the working of the ethernet port. The USB ports bellow the ethernet port all work, and so it suggests that surely the integrated hardware isn't broken.
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  1. i can not install Bios version 1.7 because at computer start up with the disk inserted, it keeps giving me errors, it is not the disk as i have tried 2 new ones. 1.7 update is out of the question but it would really be nice if i could find 1.6 out there. See if it does make any difference. Apart from that is it possible to completely get rid of the current Bios date altogether and reset it to factory conditions? Reseting CMOS doesn't do anything, i've done that a couple of times.
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