My Book 1TB WD Hard-drive broken?


I have a 1TB WD Hard-Drive which i recently knocked onto it's side.

From this, the USB 3.0 port has broken off and remains rattling within the Hard-Drive. I am not too experienced with fixing HD's so i worry if it came to opening it up, the chances are I will take it too be repaired, but still i am surprised at how easily it broke considering how well i took care of it.

The two main this I would Like to ask the forum are:
1, Is it fixable?
2, Will I lose any of my data?

I am more worried about question two as (Unfortunately) I moved all my videos to my hard-drive recently so i could place them in order to create my media showreel, so i hope i don't lose a lifetimes worth of film work.


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  1. If it is just the USB Port that has broken I would say that your data is easily retrievable. It is likely the drive can be removed and placed in another enclosure or plugged directly into a PC. Do make sure the file system for the drive is supported before plugging it into a PC however. Some drive enclosure products have their own file system but it is not a common scenario.
  2. I have a Mac not a PC, wouldn't it follow different directions?

    And thanks for getting back to me so fast.

    What enclosures would you recommend? if you don't mind me asking.
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