My computer doesn't recognize my wireless router but ipod touch does

hello,please help.i have one modem and one regular linksys router. i connected my wireless router to the other router via LAN.  i had no idea what i was doing and went online to get help. i changed a few things around (static etc) and got the wireless connection! my ipod touch also recongized the connection. now i am trying to connect my mom and dad's computers and they do not even see the wireless connection at all. how is it that y ipod touch sees it and i can connect that but the other two (vista versions) do not? can you help me get them connected? i moved my wireless in to check the range and i get excellent strength so their is no range issue.  i tried to update the drivers and when i do, it says my computer is out of date. driver can not be installed.  what??? please help. i just want my mom to get her internet back so she get's off my back and is occupied again with facebook. thanks for the help.
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  1. What's a "regular“ Linksys router? Do you mean "wired" Linksys router? Are you connecting a wired router to a wireless router? Sort of like this:

    [modem]<--wire-->[wired router]<--wire-->[wireless router]
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