No display

Getting display with my nvidia 8600 through dvi port but not via vga cable.
and no display with my nvidia 9600 in dvi or vga
(getting display of any type with any of my gfx card till 1 week ago)
my gfx card monitor and wire are fine as i tested those on my friend's comp
any clue?
btw my motherboard is abit ip35 e.
and smps is 300w antec
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  1. no answer sad zz
  2. knince said:
    no answer sad zz
    Hey Knince, there is another thread here with also no real answers as long as you've tried every thing normal to trouble shooting.

    -IE remove power. reset the cmos jumpers, return them to normal & try and boot. If that doesn't work try it with also pulling the battery out for say an overkill of half - to an hour. then return the cmos jumper and attempt to reboot too.

    -Try a different Power supply (borrow a more powerful one from a friend)
    -If you have a PCI graphics card you could try tha
    -In the manual near the back they have a trouble shooting including the Cmos clearing & trying pressing & holding INSERT while you boot
    -Remove your memory sticks (down to one) - test it in another system to make sure it's functioning. In the DIMM 1 slot

    I've done all of the above and still NO Display. The fans run, the two LED Red Power & Yellow LED's working. I tested once with a Crucial Ballistix LED stick and it's firing those LEDs as well. STill no display no boot beep. No error beeps...

    I believe my board is failed. No bulging capacitors, always run through a UPS with power cleaning; and unplugged during storms.
    The PC shut off two days before what I believe is a failure. I booted when I found this and discovered that my CPU heatsink fan might have a problem as my CPU temps in Windows 7 while doing multiple things was hitting 60 C. I had the Abit EQ set to shut down the system at that temp as it's about 30 C over what my original idle used to be. So i planned on reseating the heatsink / fan & making sure it was working or i'd replace it.
    I left it on... but then had a windows failure next time I booted. Took me a while with system repair to fix that and booted raised the thermal shut down to 65 c...

    Went to sleep and woke up with the PC off & it didn't ever show a post again!! Grr

    Forgot I'm also going to try and swap out the CPU, so I'll have a working higher rated PSU, only 1 stick of RAM, a PCI or PCI-E graphics card to test it out. If it fails then I'll be satisfied it's a bad board since I eliminated CPU, Memory, Graphics PCI-E & PCI as the possible causes -> as well as clearing the CMOS about 20 times :cry:

    here's the other thread:

    - Add cold booting, MOBO Shorting, & possible BIOS corruption to the growing list.
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