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So, with the release of the new Thuban, I really wanna upgrade my X2 to the new chip. I know that 6 cores is probably excessive, but for 200$ its a cheap deal i want to take advantage. ANYWAY. I'm currently using an MSI 790FX GD70, should I upgrade to the new 890FX's to take advantage of the new 1055T or should I stick with my MSI Mobo. If so, which 890FX. And, BTW what's the performance difference between the 790FX and 890FX
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    890FX and 790FX are basically exactly the same. Stick with your board it will be fine, although you will probably have to flash the BIOS to a new version so that it supports that CPU.

    Hope that helped.
  2. I am in same situation, owning an MSI 790FX-GD70 but itching for an 890FX (same question as you have: which one?). But I will never buy an 890FX without trying the Thuban in my 790FX first and see how it goes.

    One train of thought is that instead of investing in an 890FX+1055T, just save on the motherboard & pour all money to the 1090T.
  3. Oh Tanks
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  5. The difference between 890FX and the 790FX is:

    SATA 6Gb/s, two additional USB 2.0 ports, and integrated gigabit networking
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