Help Overlocking my rig please!

I have searched and searched the web for people with similar builds to help me out. Below I listed my computer components.

Amd 1100T
Asus Crosshair V MOBO
Corsair Dominator GT 1866mhz(rated speed) ram
Corsair H80 Liquid Cpu Cooler
Corsair 600T Case
Corsair 850AX Power supply
Amd 6970's crossfire

Lets say everything is stock the only thing i would want to overclock or need help with is the cpu and maybe the ram

Ive got the cpu at 3.8 ghz stable with stock voltage ht set to 2000 and nb at 3000
i want yo get to 4.0 stable but cant seem to do it ive tried 16x250 and get BSOD after about 30 mins or so i also had the voltage at like 1.45 any tips to get my cpu stable at 4ghz from ppl who have it stable. Also any one have any timings to try for the ram?
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  1. Did you remember to disable turbo?

    If so, then maybe you should try a small v-core voltage bump.

    I would keep the ram speed around 1333 while you try to stablize your CPU. (Maybe leave it at 1333 because of the CPU memory controller.)

    Your NB fq sounds high to me also.
  2. Ok so i do have turbo

    i also disabled cool n quiet etc

    so drop ram down to 1333

    ok so what about maybe nb and ht around 2400 to 2600 would that be better or leave ht the same and drop nb to 2400 to 2600
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    I have heard that it's *possible* to run ram faster than the integrated memory controller is rated, but since I have also read that faster ram yields very small benefits in most cases, I would just go with the speed the IMC is rated for. (1333)

    MY NB speed is 2500 on my gigabyte 990fxa-ud3. I'm not saying you cant go higher, but 2500 has been fine on my board. Can you just leave it in auto? (since all you need is the CPU multiplier)

    If you have turbo and that other stuff disabled, ram speed and voltage would be my next two items to look at.

    Try 1333 ram speed first. If that stabilizes things, great. (I prefer not to add any voltage unless I actually need to.)

    However, if you still get BSOD, try a small bump in your V-core voltage. (The smallest increments your board allows)
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  5. Thanks im stable now with 4ghz bumped my voltage up a tad bit drop my ram speed down and Nb a bit thanks man!
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