Overclocking and core unlocking

If oc does affect the lifespan of a cpu then does core unlocking do also?
As core unlocking is very populr in amd.
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  1. Both are hit or miss, especially core unlocking. Some cores are so unstable unlocked that the system won't post. If you want a quad, spend the money up front. It's not that much more. Fry's has the 620 quad core with biostar motherboard for $79.99 after rebate in today's ad. It's a steal if you already have ddr3.
  2. Thanx but what if i got lucky and all my 4 cores stable.
    Coz i m tight on budget and 4th core is an optional +ve point
  3. Yourself said, If you have lucky, good. But like o1die, others CPUs don't have the 4 core unlocked 'cause are not stable at 4 cores.
  4. I apreciate that
    i had read somewhere that amd disables +1 core when the product(cpu) does not reach the minimm spec
    as in x3 cpu it doesnt reach min spec for x4 so they disable 1 core and named it x3 might be same in x2 550be.
    Its ok with 3rd core unlocked in x2
    But there how could they unlock 4th core in 550be and lots of success rates.
    Some says they are difected cores or just disabled to compit the market with intel.
    Which one is true.
  5. Well, we can't know what of this 2 are. But i don't think that AMD sell processors with defective cores, or, at least if they want compete with Intel.
  6. Yup as it is officialy not anounced or stated bout that we shuld look to the users and there experience.
    I will be trying a 550be dont bother if i can or cant unlocke the cores at stable state.
    Neway thanx for your support guys.
  7. Ok, men. Good luck with that...
  8. Ok see you guys on another topic
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