Upgrading packard bell imedia D2317

Hi - Recently got a Packard Bell iMedia 2317 for a nephew.
The on board graphics (nVidia 7050) are a bit weak so I'm
thinking about a dedicated Graphics card - Inno3D 9400GT.
There is a PCI-e slot but I' unsure about the case size and
Power supply.
Can anybody say if this would work ?
Problem is that I'm in London and the nephew (and PC)
are 200 miles away so I can't simply have a look.
As the PC was recently purchased it is also under warranty so (for now) the back is sealed
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  1. I'm having difficulty finding solid documentation on that model since it's been discontinued.

    If you can link to any documentation, I'd give my recommendations.
  2. 9400GTs are relatively small and don't take up much power. The case looks like a standard mid tower so physically, it should fit and I don't believe a PCI-E power is required. even 250-300watt power supply should be enough. Will the warranty be void if you add a video card? are you ok with that?
  3. If it helps now (cpl of months late) the biggest the current power supply holds is a 8400, I upgraded to a 9800 GT and I bought a 500w supply and it works fine for me.
  4. 9800GT requires a dedicated power connector because the PCI-E slot can't provide enough juice. 9800GT probably does more than 200W at full load. If the card doesn't require a dedicated connector that means the power supplied from the PCI-E slot is enough to run the card even at full load.

    The 9500GT draws 62 watts at full load according to tom's (actually it's the delta between using the discrete card vs. the onboard video) http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/geforce-gt-220,review-31703-16.html

    The 9400GT is less powerful and probably draws less power than that so 300W is probably plenty, 250W is probably as low as you'd want to go though.
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