Any reason to get asus p7p55D-E Deluxe?

Is there any reason I should get the asus p7p55D-E deluxe for about $50 over the Pro version? I'm not into overclocking? I dont mind sepnding the extra $50 if I'm getting more useful features or better quality.
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    The difference isn't much,the main thing is that the Deluxe model has some extra features like Power on Switch and Rest switch,also it has 2 Gigabit Lans(Compared to 1 of Pro) and also it has a slightly better cooling and a remote too.
    So since you don't want to OC and if you don't need 2 Gigabit lans then stick with Pro
  2. You mean stick with the Pro version.
    Are 2 GB Lans useful if I have two computers to network?
  3. oops sorry,yes i meant Pro.
    If you want to connect both computers via Lan then yes it will be useful
  4. Most of the deluxe features are to make overclocking a little easier. Personally, I don't think having 2 gigabit lans is that useful if you have a router and whatnot. It's more helpful for lan parties.
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