Should This work?!

Should my Xclio x14 550W , and it says 5V with 3.3V gives 140W

+5V, +3.3v, +12V (1), +12V (2), +12V(3), -12V, +5Vsd
28A 30A 18A 18A 16A 0.8A 3.0A

thats everything on the side

run my:
Ati 5770 gfx (new)
AMD 64 X2 2.8ghz duo
2gb Corsair DDr2 800
Gigabyte S series GA-MA78GM-S2H Motherboard
250gb HDD Sata Seagate HDD

I have an external dvd drive on their own power.

I am having terrible problems with my system and im trying to trouble shoot, cheers guys
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  1. Try checking your ram specs first. You may need a slight bump in ram voltage. Next is to manually change the timings. Third is a better brand ps, such as corsair or antec.
  2. Yes it should work. Though Xlcio really should supply the total watts on the 12v. I suppose they could be saying the the 12v lines are 410 watts (550-140) which wouldn't leave too much head room but should still be okay.

    Is just the 5770 new? Did you remember to hook up it's 6 pin pce power line?
  3. yeh the 5770 is chrimbo new, and its all hooked up, see the thing thats makin me think its the psu is that i took my old 8800gt out (which was giving me the same problems as the 5770)and put in the older ati x1650 which doesnt need a 6 pin, and there was no problem, just poor performance. My computer just dies when i play games, like someone switched it off at the wall.
  4. Both the 5770 & 8800GT need 6-pin (problem) the x1650 doesn't (no problem) your PSU can't deliver the juice.
    The x1650 is probably at or below minimum for most new games, so it would be horrible.
  5. Yes. You may have other problems, but you do need a new PSU.

    Replace the PSU. Then start working through this thread:
    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
  6. thanks guys for all the help ^^
    gonna do some ram tests now
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