How to transfer 250Gb of Data from desktop to laptop

I need to transfer over 250 Gb of data from my destop with window 7 to my laptop with window 7 too as fast as possible, what could be the solution, please respond
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  2. If you already have a home network, turn on file and printer sharing on the desktop so that you can access the desktop from your laptop over the network.

    Or you could buy one of these, attach the desktop's hard drive and plug it into the USB port on the laptop. Of course, file transfers will be slower over USB than over a network.
  3. what i've always done is physically take your laptop harddrive out, and plug it into your desktop.

    that way you're able to use native SATA transfer speeds as well as not having to write onto a harddrive and then read it off onto your laptop, which takes more than double the time.

    of course, this requires knowledge of taking out harddrive from laptop, getting sata and power cables, and plugging it into the desktop.

    the time saved however is quite worth it.
  4. ^ AGREE the best method.

    Remove HDD from laptop; On my toshibia 2 screws to open HDD cover and just pull HDD. On my Samsung - 1 screw to open HDD compartment and 4 TINY screws to remove HDD.

    Open side panel on Desktop. Connect to Sata port (Easiest way is if DVD drive is sata, just disconnect the power and data cables and reconnect to Laptop HDD. Can leave the laptop drive sitting on anything so that it does not "fall", you do not need to mount in a bay.

    Power on Desktop and transfer files from one HDD to the Other HDD.

    USB or ethernet transfer for 250 gigs will take a LOT of TIME.
  5. I also agree that the direct connection of the laptop drive to the desktop will provide the fastest transfer.

    HOWEVER, transferring over a network is not THAT awfully slow.

    I don't know the reason for the need for the fastest transfer. If you are going to do this often I suggest using an external SATA disk connected to your laptop, and use that as the transfer medium to the desktop machine. It will take a few extra parts to make this happen but is eaiser than removing the laptop drive and finding the proper connectors to conver it to desktop use....
  6. ^ "finding the proper cables to convert it to dsktop" - It takes the same cables as a desktop and if he has a sata DVD drive all he has to do is disconnect the DVD cables (temporarily) and connect them to the Laptop HDD.
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