How to uninstall and reinstall my windows xp home edition?

I have an HP Pavillion a475C (which was a higher end model in its debut) and a Dell computer...I bought both of them brand new in 2004. The Dell bit the dirt 6 months ago. The HP is running REALLY SLOW, so I upgraded the RAM to 2 GB and added an external memory of 1TB. It is STILL running very slow. I clean daily, sometimes hourly, just to try to keep it from hanging up when loading pages/programs. I heard from your blog that uninstalling and reinstalling Windows XP may help. I have none of my original disks with the HP, but the product key is on a sticker on the side of my PC. I have the reinstallation disk for Windows XP for the Dell. Can I use the reinstallation disk on my HP with my key? It says on the pkg to only use it to reinstall on the Dell....? Also, since the upgrade in RAM, I now get a fast beeping sound (no patterns, just continuous) sometimes when rebooting as it hangs up, then on a second reboot it usually goes through ok. What is that? And how do I fix it?
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    The disk from the Dell won't work in the HP because it will come bundled with drivers - software that makes the hardware work - which are specific to the Dell machine the disk shipped with.

    Perhaps we can help fix the existing system in the HP. How much hard disk free space have you in there? How long does it take to boot up to the XP login screen in the morning?

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