SM Bus and Coprocessor

So a few days ago I powered my computer down. And it never powered back up again. I would push the power button, everything would start for a fraction of a second, then nothing. And continued nothing.

I've lost power supplies before, so I figured that was probably the case again (I had a Raidmax...I know). So I went out and bought myself a Corsair TX750W, hooked it all up, prayed to whatever divine beings might be listening, and pressed power.

The euphoria I felt when everything powered up and windows loaded correctly nearly made me believe my girlfriend was right -- maybe I do have an unhealthy attachment to my computer.

Something terrible may have happened though. Windows tells me immediately it has detected new hardware. Specifically, an SM Bus and a Coprocessor. These things strike me as entirely not new.

My motherboard is an Asus M3N78 Pro, which I'm told has capacitors in place to protect the rest of the system from frying power supplies. However, my system no longer seems to detect network connections. Plug, unplug, router, direct to modem, nothing seems to matter. I've tried different cables, still nothing.

Am I in terrible, terrible trouble? Did parts of my motherboard get fried and it's only a matter of time before the rest of it goes and takes all of my components with it? Is there a small woodland creature I can sacrifice to Thor to make it all better?
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  1. Hmm, may have stumbled onto something. Some Mac users seem to be having this problem and fixing it with Nvidia drivers. I noticed Nvidia display drivers left over on my computer and uninstalled the display drivers and PhysX (I switched to ATI a few months back). Will continue investigating...
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