Newbie to RAID 0 RAID 1 RAID 5 RAID 10

i managed to installed raid 0
i have configured it to i forgot what but i have joined tWo hard disk and made 2 tb ARRAY.
i just wanted to know is this all people do with RAID or something else?
what is raid for?
tell in order
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  1. Wiki article explaining Raid.
  2. RAID0 is bad to use unless you keep full backups of your system as it pretty much doubles your chance of drive failure. If either of the two drives fail, you lose all your data.
  3. Raid 0 for high performance, no backup
    Raid 1 for two Discs Mirroring each other (backup)
    Raid 5 for better backup than Raid 1 (3 discs)
    Raid 10 is a Raid 0 of two Raid 1 (4 discs)

    I use Raid 5, 10 in big servers. Raid 1 in important desktops with data. Raid 0 for gaming, video editing.

    Raid 0 does fail a lot. I almost always have drives go bad while in warranty while using it (failure within 2-3 years).
  4. I would not use any RAID unless

    1) You are addressing a specific need, like those that DrakeConnar listed.
    2) You want to fiddle around and see what it works like, and maybe do benchmarks.

    In the first case, if you describe the need we can explain which RAID level(s) will help. In the second case, try them all! Pull drives out to simulate failure and see what happens! Have a lot of fun! Waste time!
  5. hi,
    thanks for reply
    one question more
    since i also dont like raid 0 becoz 1 hard disk transfer rate is 1.5 gbps and its making my fast pc damn slow

    i want the old sata hd back in its own Drive letter
    i have looked help file there is not reset to normal.
  6. jaaak2431 said:

    i want the old sata hd back in its own Drive letter
    i have looked help file there is not reset to normal.

    If I understand what you want to do, you want to take the drives out of RAID0 and have all the data on one of the drives. This requires a third drive: Copy all the data to the third drive, validate the copy, break the RAID, partition and format one of the ex-RAID drives as a single drive, and restore the copy.

    Most RAID controllers will not allow you to break a RAID0 and migrate all of the data to one of the drives. For one thing, it may not fit!
  7. All is well. I use a backup drive for raid 0.

    The Intel Rapid Storage Technology's Acceleration feature may or may not show up (Not on mine) and SSD's make it unnecessary anyway.

    I like to Raid 0 so I can use more than 3 SSD's to move a great deal of data (Gaming, loading a map etc) awful fast.

    If it goes down, I can hotswap, reformat or rebuild array in any number of ways. Just need to have a SATA III docking station to accommodate my drives on any of the other computers.

    One of my 4 Raptors years ago suffered a death in a Raid 0 and it totally brought everything down hard. Rebuilding that on three raptors was Epic and drove home the important of saving your data in a variety of ways, locations.
  8. Ok guys, i posted a question on a similar thread but have heard nothing back. I am a heavy gamer and internet browser, so performance is a must. I am debating what RAID sequence to use, as i will have appr. 3-4 1.5Tb hdd's. I back up what i need to save on a thumb drive at least once a week, and will probably get a 3Tb drive for hotswap if needed (possibly uploading all my video/movie collection). With this in mind, what sequence would you folks recommend for this type of use? I am leaning towards RAID10 as it does offer a little more security than just RAID0. I have an AMD system with a top line MoBo, CPU, and 8GB. RAM configuration, so speed of my system will not be any issue. I would like to keep this under $400, as i already have my first hdd purchased. Recommendations for BEST performance out of this is highly appreciated.
  9. Anytime you hitch several horses or hard drives to a computer you will either run em out in Raid 0 at a risk of killing one or more of them.

    If you wanted to do raid 1, you lose half your capacity and can lose one horse and not worry. Since you have at least one three tera drive sitting what do you care about the capacity of your Raid as long it holds your OS, games etc.

    Raid 5 is nice but again for hotswapping a dead horse.

    10? or even 60? I don't know because I have not reach such great heights yet.
  10. ok...the 3Tb would be solely for hotswap backups. the RAIDx i am confused about for my needs. I want max performance with as much security as possible. so, i am asking, what would people recommend based off of my posted needs, for max performance. I have an understanding of "what" they do, i just dont know how they would perform for my needs personally since i have never used RAID before.

    Heavy...where did you even get 60? that is sarcasm/humor? not sure...but totally makes me think you have minimal knowledge on this subject. I will disclaim any information you just posted. sorry.
  11. No, 10 and 60 are RAID levels for "compound" raid. I always get the order mixed up; I think that 10 is two RAID-0s built into a mirror, and 60 is a RAID6 that uses four or more RAID-0s for its constituent volumes.

    What I wonder about is where all those horses came from. I never noticed one in my computer...
  12. yeah...horses and pc's dont seem to mix. ok, so if i ran 4 HDD's in RAID60...that is the "next step up" from 2 HDD's in RAID10? essentially? And what are my performance/security benefits from this?
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