Which os supports raid level 0

i want to know which os supports which raid levels?
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  1. Generally you would use a raid controller to setup raid, and the OS wouldn't actually be aware of the fact that it had a raid set. There are some OS's that support software Raid, but if you have a machine built within the last 4 or 5 year's it probably has a raid controller on it that you should use.
  2. suppose there exists the software raid then there is no need to hardware raid controller.
    Then the raid levels we consider depends on the os support
    So i want to know which os's supports which raid levels?
  3. Windows 7 includes software driven RAID 0 and 1 (5 will be greyed out and is now only available in windows server 2008). For other RAID configurations you need a 3rd Party App.

    Sorry cant speak for Mac OS, don't waste my time with it.

    Here is a nice article outlining the performance difference between windows 7 software RAID and a RAID controller set up: http://kmwoley.com/blog/?p=429.

    Hope that helps.
  4. well this is a useful information.

    Thanks for your reply.

    But i want to know does windows xp and other os supports any raid levels?
    If they supports upto which raid level it is acceptable?
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