Increasing RAM Voltage?

Hello all, I am attempting to eliminate a pesky crash that I am having when I am gaming. I have ruled out almost everything until I found that my voltage is set wrong for my ram.

I currently have

EVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLI motherboard
GeForce 9800GTX Card
850W powersupply
4 gigs of Corsair DDR 3 RAM

The ram voltage is suppose to be 1.7 per the sticks themselves, however cupid is telling me they are only running at 1.5 each. I do not know how to adjust the voltage to increase it to the 1.7 I am hoping that eliminates my crash.

If anyone could please tell me how do to this or point me in the direction of a good guide or 3rd party program to adjust it I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks

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  1. Yes, you can manually set the voltage to whatever you want in your BIOS.
    Read your manual.
  2. Heh, my manual is long gone in about 3 moves of houses :O(. However I figured it out and set it to 1.7 however when I run CPUID it is still registering at 1.5V and when I run CPUHW it is running at 1.87V which I think is a little high. Any ideas on why the difference?
  3. What kind of RAM do you have? Are the timings correct?
  4. You can go to the EVGA site and download it.
    CPIUD does not tell you the voltage your memory is running, it tells you what the register settings on the memory say it should be running at for a given speed setting.
    Yes, if your memory says 1.7, then it should not need 1.87. But, you should be able to tell exactly what you are setting it to in the BIOS if you are doing it correctly. Do not use the "+ 5%, or 10%" type of settings your are going to find, there should be a field where you can set the voltage exactly to what you want, no percentages.
    As I said, read your manual.
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