Help-What kind of connector is this and where does it go?

I just installed a new MB and am trying to connect everything up. Everything is working except the front audio panel which has an Firewire/USB port.
Does this connector have anything to do with it? It appears to be coming from that specific front panel, but I have no idea where it would go on the MB.
I have a Gigabyte PD55-UD2 MB.
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  1. It almost locks like it could be USB. What are the colors of the wires?
  2. Problem is, aren't Firewire and USB plugs identical? Could you take a picture of all of the plugs coming out of the Front Panel?
  3. looks like the speaker plug, usually usb and fire plugs are paired in a rectangle

    are there any markings on it?
    can you take a pic of all the connectors and where they come from ?
  4. i have a connector like that for an internal card reader, i just plug it into usb header and it works fine.
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