Asus P6X58D-E X58 RAM HELP

I wondering what type of ddr3 2000 ram can I use with this board
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  1. Memory speed in not required, 1600MHz is only needed for OCing otherwise 1333 is fine. You will not see a performance increase, get either 1600 or 1333. If you never plan to OC then get 1333.

    Hope that helped.
  2. Planning on getting the same board since Newegg has a sale on it, can't decide if I'll overclock my 930 or not, but I've never read a memory list before. The mushkin I'm looking at is not on the list. Is it worth it to to try my luck or stick with the approved? Drop down to 1333 maybe?
  3. These combos save you $20 and gives you DDR3-1600 CAS 7 low profile RAM modules (won't interfere w/ CPU cooler).

    This combo w/ i7-930 saves you $15
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