Hp slimline s5212y beeping on start-up

Our hp slimline s5212y (bought 10/09) beeps on startup. It will beep until a shutdown is forced by cutting the power to it or by holding down start button. Then, when started a second time by pushing start button, it performs quietly and normally. This machine was bought as part of Best Buy's PC home makeover, along with Geek Squad protection. It has been in to the Geek Squad station at our local Best Buy several times, and it never beeps for them. They have run all their standard diagnostics, etc. and can find nothing wrong with it. They have checked that everything is properly seated physically (RAM, motherboard connections, cards, etc.) Has anyone else experienced this or heard of this problem? Any suggestions on what might be causing it and how to correct it?
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    One beep is normal. One long continuous beep could be any number of issues. Only check you can do is see if the case wire connector is seated over all the pins and not leaving some pins unused. The connector normally has about 9 pins, but some are open without any wires.
  2. o1die, Thanks for your reply. The beeping is actually repeated beeps (vs continuous), maybe one second apart, and will go on until the machine is physically shut down. Would you please explain what the "case wire connector" is and where I can find it on the machine?

    Are there other checks which we should be requesting that the tech support folks at Best Buy try for us?

    Also, since my last post, the computer gave me a "stop error (blue) screen," although this seems to be related to new hardware/software installs, and this morning "Windows Defender" is asking to send a bunch of files to Microsoft, which seem to refer to an Adobe Reader update, which I remember the system asking to do on the 17th (and which I let it). So, am at this point thinking/hoping that the beeping and blue screen are unrelated.

    Back to the beeping though, when it is first started (the "beep start" as I am sadly coming to think of it), the monitor shows a box with " VGA: no input signal," and another acronym and "no audio signal." On second start, monitor shows the message that it is adjusting settings. Monitor is an HP w1858, sold as part of the Home Makeover package. We have checked and rechecked these cables - they are the ones that came with the monitor. The only other monitor we would have to test if that solved the problem is over eleven years old. Would this even work with the new machine?
  3. Then I recommend you take your components in with you to best buy and test the machine with all your peripherals such as monitor, keyboard, etc hooked up. They shouldn't charge you if you paid for geek squad service.
  4. o1die, thanks again for your recommendations. I was thinking along the same lines as I was driving home today, and also thought that I might try the monitor, keyboard and mouse from our old machine, ancient as they are, on the new box as well. Not to leave them in place - somehow I feel that a three month old set-up should work without issues and I want this made right, but for additional troubleshooting.
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