Upgrade Memory on Dell Precision 490 - Notching doesn't match?


We have a Dell Precision 490 workstation, in which we're trying to upgrade the memory.

I was under the impression this took DDR2 ECC fully-buffered sticks.

However, we obtained some RAM (http://www.memoryten.com/pc/006778/DDR2-240p-PC2-5300ER-2GB/, which I was told was ECC fully-buffered), and noticed that the notchings on this didn't quite match, which means we couldn't install it.

In the photograph, you can see the RAM currently in the server (top), and the RAM we tried to install (bottom).

Does anybody know what the mismatch here is please?

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  1. your pic link doesn't work

    your computer supports
    Up to 32GB quad-channel DDR2 Fully Buffered DIMM (FBD) 533MHz ECC memory; Eight DIMM slots
    --1 The total amount of usable memory available will be less, depending on the actual system configuration. To utilize more than 4GB of memory requires a 64-bit OS. To expand memory to more than 32GB requires a Dell Precision
    490 1KW system with memory risers. 2 Quad-channel memory requires 4 each of the same capacity memory DIMMs--

    now if that all looks like gibberish to you, the site you went even lets you select your computer, at which point it tells you what ram is compatible as seen in this link

    or if you do understand the specs above you can likely save money by ordering from newegg.com
  2. heya,

    Hmm, the link doesn't work? Weird. It displays fine on here, lol, but that may just be me.

    I actually just uploaded it to my TwitPic (Twitter) account, you should be able to see it here:


    And yeah, I did know it supported FB (or thought it did), however, I'd thought the new DIMM I had was FB as well?

  3. sometimes links work oddly in forums, can see the new one though. So to answer your original question

    the mem on the top form your server is a fb-dimm

    the mem on the bottom that you just bought is a rdimm
  4. heya,

    Thanks for the reply.

    So the issue is, the 490 needs fully-buffered, and the RAM we got wasn't fully-buffered.

    Fair enough.

    I based it off of here (http://www.memoryten.com/pc/006778/DDR2-240p-PC2-5300ER-2GB/), and the RAM being said to be RFB, which I assumed to be registered fully buffered.

    Ah well, I guess I'll keep hunting for RAM then. All I need is DDR2 FB then.

  5. no need to hunt just follow the link in my first post
  6. victorhooi,

    did you ever have luck buying finding your ram? I'm currently dealing with the same problem.

    It seems ram for the 490 is VERY expensive!
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