Nothing on monitor, red light on mobo, long beeps

So I took out my motherboard so that I could reapply some thermal paste on my cpu. I took out all the components, unplugged everything, put the paste on, screwed the mobo back in, and put everything back in.

now when i boot up, i get very long beeps (no specific number of beeps, they just repeat with about a half second pause in between) and when i first boot up and go to shut down, a red light comes on on the motherboard right below the CPU fan connector.


Q9450 CPU + Stock heatsink
x2 EVGA 8800GT GPU
nForce 780i SLI board
4GB Corsair dominator RAM

Anyone able to help?
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  1. Did you check or mother board manufacture manual to see what the beeps mean???? Usualy certain number of beeps or lengths will mean different things :/ also did you try to clear the cmos, check to make sure the mobo is grounded again ok???? Does it all power up, all fans spin??
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