Phenom II 945 deneb I hit my wall!!!! 3.5 and want to get over

So I did my research and got help from these great forums and learn as much as I could to get started on overclocking well, using a guide and other resources I figured out a great and comfortable OC setting for 3.5ghz by adjusting the cpu, ram timings, and voltage etc....Well I wanted to see if I could get a little higher I have a new case with better airflow and since the temp on cpu stays well below 50c most the time I was going to try and push to 3.7 or 3.8. No matter what I try though I get lock-ups , blue screens etc....Below I posted cpu-z screen shots as well as link to my mobo and ram so u can see what changes I made etc such as the ram timings. Any help on going past the 3.5ghz limit would be great.

cpu stock-Phenom II deneb 945 3.0ghz
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  1. Nice ram but I had the same issues with my p2 x4 820 around the same clock. It comes down to the memory controller not being stable at higher ram speeds. I later got it up to around 3.7ghz by reducing the clocks on the ram but it didn't help performance much.
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