Updated realtek audio driver and now there is no sound


so i was sittin with 2008/10 realtek hd audio driver when i thought - i guess its too old so ill update it!
i went to realtek site, installed WDM_R240.exe, rebooted and now there is no sound.
according to dxdiag - there is no soundcard or the driver is not installed.
yeah well... neither is the case obviously.
tried reinstalling the same thing countless times, then tried installing the old driver again.
same problem.
im totally out of ideas since i did everything normally and it should work.
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  1. Go to windows device manager and remove or uninstall any sound devices with a mark next to them. Then reboot with your old realtec driver cd in the drive, and let windows reinstall your sound devices. Control panel>system>hardware>device manager>action>properties
  2. when i go to device manager sound,video, game controller section i see these:
    asus virtual video capture device driver
    asustek virtual capture device
    audio codecs
    legacy audio drivers
    legacy video capture devices
    media control devices
    realtek high definition audio
    video codecs

    i tried uninstalling the obvious - realtek high definition audio.
    rebooting and then installing driver again, rebooting again - same problem.
    also tried uninstalling, installing the driver, rebooting. same problem...
  3. Next step is to use the windows restore function to backup your windows xp installation to a point when the sound was working. It works for me; haven't tried it with vista or windows 7.
  4. just tried it... surprisingly - it still doesnt work.
  5. bump
  6. Check to make sure that your speakers are set as output device and not headphones.
  7. cant set stuff like that if soundcard isnt working properly obviously ;p
    i bet my integrated audio card is broken for some reason. not sure how they get broke or what are the symptoms when that happens, but yeah..
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