Thinking about replacing CPU need help with compaitibility please


Im thinking about switching the CPU from my computer to a friends but im wondering if it will be compatible and if i will be able to switch them no problems or not, i dont really know where to go to look for this kind of information and google didnt help me much on this one either.

Dont rly wanna just try it, would like information before i go frying my CPU and spending money on thermal grease and such.

The computer/CPU i am currently using is a Lenovo 3000 J Series with a AMD Sempron 3400+ 1.86Ghz, the CPU i want to replace it with is a Intel Pentium D dual core 2.66Ghz from a emachines T5212 desktop.

Now my question is will i be able to just plug the dual core CPU into the motherboard on the Lenovo without problems or what am i going to have to do? Sorry for the noob question =P i just dont wanna take any risks, thanks alot in advance.

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    good thing you asked

    you cannot put an Intel processor into an AMD socket.

    if you do you will have a processor and a motherboard that will be broken

    to be able to use that processor you have to buy an LGA 775 socket motherbboard

    however, the Pentium D is a horrible processor you will need a good cooler to keep it under good temps, the processor could probably heat a room without a fan

    go with an AMD Athlon II x2 240 for 59 USd and an AMd motherboard

    this will probably cost you around 120 USD for both compared to the intel setup which would be around 80 dollars for the motherboard. however, you wouldn't ever be able to upgrade your computer without spending more money on a new mobo and processor because LGA775 is almost dead.

    the best option would be an AMD setup that way you spend money once and your set for around 3 years compared to an intel setup which will be obsolete in 6 months
  2. Okay good to know lol thats exactly what i was afraid of.

    I also prefer AMD anyday but i cant play prototype very well at all with this current processor i have :P

    Anyhow thanks for the info, still cant beleive i couldnt find out for myself, but im glad i came here before i took both the heatsinks off! Thanks
  3. If you put an Intel Chip in an AMD socket be sure to use plenty of WD-40 and a manual impact wrench. If you use an air or electric you could build up dangerous static. Hold the wrench completely level with the motherboard at hit it squarely with a 4 pound (or better) Craftsman sledgehammer until you hear the tell tale "snap" of metal fusing with metal. Be sure to securely weld the joints properly afterwords to guarantee a long lasting fit.
  4. ^ Ohh... man. This made my day lol
  5. +1 to muratgemici2003
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