I accidentally wiped my jump drive clean and now it doesnt work

Hello, so...

I was wiping my computer clean (because of a virus, whoopee!) by reinstalling Windows XP. Y'know, when you load up from the disk and it lets you completely wipe your hard drive clean for a fresh installation? Well, it also wiped my jump drive that I foolishly let in my USB port DX

So, now here's what's happening. My computer says there's a removable disk...but when I click it, it says it ain't there. Any way to fix it? I've already retrieved the data from it, but I can't access it and use it. Is there anyway to fix that?
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  1. It may need to be formatted. Format it as FAT32, not NTFS.
  2. I've tried formatting it...It won't even do that. It says there's basically nothing there.
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