Compaq presario sr1522x graphics cards

What graphics card do I need to put into my Compaq Presario SR1522X to be able to run Windows 7?

I was told by a Best Buy guy that either GEForce PCE or PCI Express or Diamond AGP will do the trick.

How do I verify that any of these will work in the Compaq Presario and also work with Windoes 7?

Any assistance is appreciated.

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  1. According to the motherboard specs, there are no PCI Express or AGP slots, which limits you from upgrading to a decent graphics card. Windows 7 isn't very demanding. If you are running Vista on that computer now, more than likely you can run Windows 7.
  2. Actually I am running XP Pro. I ran the MS application to see if I could run W7 and it told me the graphics card would not run W&. It sounds like I need to open it up and see if there are any slots that I can put a graphics card in.

    I assumed that because I had open slots, I could put a new graphics card in. Maybe not. Comments?
  3. I looked around and figured out your motherboard is this:

    The specs list zero PCI-Express and AGP expansion slots. There are a few PCI graphics cards out there but I think the larger hardware issue is your entire computer. It's pretty outdated and I would consider an upgrade. You can always stick with XP Pro, which is still largely more stable than Windows 7.
  4. skolpo, thanks. I guess I will stick with XP as my wife seems happy generally with the computer.

    Just got laid off so I don't want to be buying a new computer.
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