Can psu TX750w Corsair work with AVR 500w?

hi there,
my system is the following:

case : Gigabyte 3d aurora (has 3x120mm fans) and i added 1x120mm fan + 2x80mm fan + ram has cooling with 3 little fans
mobo: ECS 8200a
processor: amd phenom x4 9850 4x2.5 1.2v (overclocked to 4x3.0 1.3v)
ram : 8 gb ddr2 corsair dominator 1066 mhz
video: nvidia gtx 285 1 gb
hdd: 1.5 seagate baracuda 7200.11 (32 mb buffer)
psu: TX750w Corsair
1xdvdrw ata optical unit
1xcd-rom ata optical unit
1xdvdrw sata optical unit
cpu cooling: Gigabyte 3D Galaxy II Liquid Cooler GH-WIU02
system: windows vista ultimate 64 bit (tryed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and keep crashing when playing games or waching movies so i though maybe not enough juice)

anyway all this system goes trough an 500w AVR
in the same AVR its connected my wife computer and 3 monitors
my wife computer its an dual core amd with 250 gs nvidia with 600w psu, 4 gb ram

my question is, can that AVR 500w work with my 750w psu?
or will just chock it when PSU needs more power (maybe thats why the crashes in win 7, when i was playing games,as the games force the system, i allways play at maxim settings on games )

thanks for answering me
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  1. You are running two hefty systems through a 500 watt line stabilizer? And you are asking if this could be a problem?

    If you are crashing, unplug your system and plug it directly into the wall and see what happens?

    Why do you think you need a line stabilizer anyway?
  2. Ya it looks you are beyond max load on the 500w. Upgrade to a 1000-1500w or just get rid of it altogether. Go to one of the power calculators on the internet and figure out your estimated max wattage, I think has a power calculator.

    Are you in an area with a lot of electrical fluctuation?

    Regarding your question 'can that avr 500w work with my 750w psu?' I would say no, but not because of the psu but because of the total power need of all the hardware regardless if it is a 650, 750, or 1000w psu.
  3. hi there and thanks for your answers
    i used already the antec psu calculator and it give me an usage of 630-640 watts with the specs i have.
    well i live in Philippines and sometimes there are power fluctuations here, thats why i though of using an AVR
    should i remove the AVR and just use the PSU directly?
    the PSU will not be affected is some fluctuation happens?
  4. look at the input specs for you 750TX. It can handle it.
  5. whether or not you should replace the AVR is up to you, if your power grid is unstable then your using an AVR makes sense to me. Just get one that is large enough to handle all your combined hardware and more, assuming you may add to your setup in coming years.
  6. yea thats what i was thinking too, maybe to get an 1000w AVR to be sure...
    my wife can stay on the 500w avr as her output its just 340w according to antec psu calculator

    the power fluctuations are not very often but they do happen so i prefer to be protected just to be safe

    thanks for your posts guys, i think now i know why windows 7 didn't gave me any chance to run it properly :)

    whats bad its that my seagate 1.5 gb hdd its almost dead because not enough power from psu :(
  7. Sounds like a good plan, sorry about your seagate hdd. I hope you didn't lose anything that was not backed up, that would be upsetting. Ive had that panic before.
  8. You might want to keep a very close eye on the Seagate. The .11 series has been plagued with firmware problems that turn the drive into a brick.
  9. I'd say just get rid of your avr. your psu could already do the avr's job.
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