Computer Shuts Down automatically at night!

I dont know whats the problem, i have Windows 7 and i have checked the Power Options and i have disabled going to hibernate @ sleep mode.

I have geforce 9400GT so no reason of overheating, idk whats the problem, their are no auto-shutdown, no viruses (scanned through Bitdefender 2010)

It is happening from past 5 days before it, it did not happen nytime.

In the morning when i use it for 4-5 hrs their is no problem of shutdown, happens only during night, when i go to sleep keeping my PC on.
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  1. That's not a bug; it's a feature. :)

    If it's not software, it's got to be hardware. What kind of PSU?
  2. hmm 300W PSU, i guess its not a problem because in morning hrs it does not PC is on for 5-6 hrs in morning but no problem.

    I think it shuts downs when PC is in idle but in power options i have disabled going to sleep or hibernate.
  3. 300W is probably not enough, even with a 9400GT.

    Care to post any other specs or brand of PSU?
  4. Despite it being a hardware problem as suspected would it be helpful to restore the system to a date just before this started occurring? If nothing else it might help rule out possibilities and support others.

    I wish I could be of more help but I had a heck of a time with trying to allow my old vista system to hibernate upon command. So I had a similarly frustrating experience but under opposite end goals. It was a lot of reading among forums and how tos on Google that got it fixed for me.
  5. if it was a PSU problem, then my PC would shutdown even during daytime when i use it cotinue for 5-6 hrs.

    So i think their is a problem were it shuts down when it goes in idle mode(when i dont use it for 7-8 hrs)..i think
  6. i will try to use XP for a day...hope for the best
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