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Hi there,

A friend of mine is having heavy frames per second lag when trying to play video games on their PC. I cant physically look it over, so I am trying to figure it out over the interwebs. I had them give me their temps, and to me the core temps look high on there, but I am not familiar with the phenom x4 9100e.

Can anyone post whether these are adnormally high?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The temperatures look normal. This is how I like to rank my temperatures for CPUs:

    100 - CPU Damage
    90 - Imminent CPU Damage
    80 - Too hot for my liking
    70 - Maximum temperature for prolonged load
    60 - Normal load
    50 - Fairly Cool
    40 - Good HSF temperature
    30 - High end Liquid Cooling

    Perhaps he's turning the settings too high? I don't think temperature will make a big difference. If there is a severe problem (80C+), AMD Cool'n'Quiet will kick in and throttle the CPU frequency until it becomes cooler. But that's probably not the case. Tell him to lower his settings and update his graphics drivers. That will probably help. :)
  2. Well, The game in question is Star Wars Galaxies, quite an old game graphicly speaking, but they are running 5 fps. with the above mentioned CPU, 4 gb of ram, and a 250 gts (Not the best vid card, but should handle SWG fine)

    I keep telling her its a driver issue but she is not THE most computer literate person in the world and so she thinks they are fine.. She had bestbuy 'upgrade' her pc, and they kept the old harddrive. I think they just slapped it together and probably has a driver conflict, but not much I can do from here.

    Thanks for the check on the cpu temps, I guess mine just runs cool (36 under cpu and core 1 /2 at 46).

    Bestbuy keeps ripping her off telling her they fixed it when all they did was run a defrag, lol
  3. Temps are high if thats idle. I've never had a CPU idle at ~55c. If load, things are fine. The 3.3v rail is out of spec assuming its running at ~3.0v. (assuming you allow 5% tolerance.) Not sure if that would cause the problem.

    Is she have "heavy frames per second lag" or is it running at 5FPS? If its running at 5FPS then there is something wrong. If its lagging, there is still something wrong but the steps to fix are different. I'd start with the basics. Bring the temps down if those are idle, make sure the computer is clear of scumware, make sure the game and video card are patched/up to date with drivers, etc. Has she downloaded that multi core patch for AMD systems?
  4. Wait. Waaaiit.

    They KEPT the old hard drive??! Go get a lawyer and a process server! Right now! :pfff:

    FFR, Best Buy is not a computer store. They are consumer level, and the "geek squad" is notorious for lying to, deceiving, and otherwise extorting money from customers that don't know better.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they injected a bad driver on purpose, so you would go back to them to have them fix it. :heink:

    I also bet that Best Buy didn't even run a defrag. They probably just kicked the computer a few times then sat down at their desks and played solitaire for the rest of the day.

    a 250 GTS will be able to handle many games, it's a good card for casual gaming.

    The driver is here: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us

    :) Good Luck.
  5. It looks like a screenshot at idle to me and the CPU temps are way too high.

    The CPU needs to be removed and reseated - clean the cpu and HSF and apply new thermal paste before reassembling.

    I'd say the case has an airflow problem so tidy up the internal cabling to maximise airflow and clean the fan / filters too.

    The 9100E is also one of those B2 stepping cpu's with the TLB bug - I suggest NOT disabling it in the bios or it will heavily impact on performance though, as it completely trashes the cache ... which the Phenom I's desperately need, to counter their poor latency. Boot into the bios and disable the TLB fix.

    Try to overclock it a bit as well ... 1.8Ghz just isn't enoough to feed the graphics card and cope with newer games ... if you can get it up to 2.5Ghz consider yourself lucky.


    The fundamental issue here is likely to be:

    CPU temp ... casuing thermal throttling
    TLB enabled ... trashing perfomance
    CPU performance overall ... the 9100e is not a gaming cpu and 1,8Ghz won't cut the mustard.

    I hope this helps ... keep us posted on how you go with it.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. a lot of these things I had mentioned to her, some I didnt. She is just someone I game with from time to time so trying to help her out, but unfortunately she is several states away so I can't just do it for her. I will try to walk her through some of the simpler solutions in hopes they are the problem. With Best Buy I really felt it was a driver issue, either conflicting or lack of, because as mentioned, they are not exactly honest, nor good at what they do.

    I really appreciate the input. Also, sorry I forgot to mention, the temps were under load, but her idle temp was around 5 degrees lower.

    Yes, she is getting around 5 fps, on a game that that pc should handle like a dos program.

    Thanks again, she went to bed awhile ago so I will check with her over the next few days.
  7. all of her voltages look a bit low on there especially at idle they low. 250 gts needs a min of 450 watt power supply i wouldnt run it with anything less then a 550. If its not getting enuff juice its not gonna perform good
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