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Hi Guys,

Quick question, I have a Coolermaster Stacker CM 830 case, and have recently just fitted a Noctua NH-UP12 SE2 cooler to enable me to hit 4ghz on my i7 930. Now this is fine, and working well.

In order to get the cooler to fit though, I had to cannibalize one half of the side panel door and remove not only two of the fans, but also the plastic strut in the middle that the fans clipped in to. I still have two fans which I replaced with a pair of Noctua Scythe Gentle Typhoon 1450 rpm types. I also have an overclocked 7970 in there also, and the reason I replaced the Akasa fans, was I was told the temps on the GPU which were hitting 81 degrees would cool down.

I have managed to get the temps under load down to a maximum of 76 degrees, this is playing Crysis 2 on Ultra settings DX11 for 2 + hours.

Would installing the Gentle Typhoon 4250 x 2 in the side door just be overkill? As I was going to do this and replace the 2 basic Akasa fans I have at the front and at the exhaust with the Typhoon 1450's?!

Can anyone see this making any difference inside the case, besides maybe the noise?

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  1. I think in this case a picture would be worth a thousand words. Or at least many dozens.

    Temp wise you're fine... I don't really get how your fans are now installed. Obviously there's the rear exhaust, but are there any intakes left?
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