MSI 560ti, fan broke, replacement?

I was moving cables in my case when it was on, I know bad idea, and I broke off a blade off the fan. It still works but vibrates a good deal.

Is there a way to get a replacement fan or should I try gluing the blade back on? Should I consider an after-market cooler?
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  1. Contact MSI.
  2. wolfram23 said:
    Contact MSI.

    They sent me back a RMA request form. I never sent in a warranty card nor have the receipt so I dont think they are going to do anything, not to mention the warranty doesn't cover me breaking a fan blade.
  3. Well, if they can't send you a replacement fan you'll probably have to buy an aftermarket cooler.
  4. ^Agree. Registering components for warranties is something I do when I build a new PC and it's installing updates. Plenty of time and you already would know if something was bad.
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