One ram slot does not work will resetting bios help?

Have a HP DV 6000 with a defective MB. Bought a new MB - however one RAM slot was not working. Had the MB exchanged - but the other one also has the same issue. Plug in both RAM cards, and the laptop powers on - but the CD drive clicks continuously and the machine goes into continuous reboot loop - no display.
Plug in just one RAM card in the first slot and no issue - laptop boots up. Have interchanged the RAM cards and both cards are ok - so what am i doing wrong? Will resetting the BIOS work?
Oh - have upgraded to the latest firmware version too.
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  1. are both sticks identical
    what is the total amount of ram you are trying to install... what is the max supported
  2. yup - both sticks are the same and came with the laptop when it was bought.
    Trying to install 1+1 = 2 gb.
    I believe max supported is 4 Gb.

    And yeah - i tried resetting the bios - no use.. still the same problem.:(
    Any other ideas...
    when i interchange the ram sticks in the same slot - they both work perfectly fine. And the MB has been changed too. Dont understand whats going on..
  3. if it's a new laptop just send it back, and have them ship you a working one with everything installed
  4. oh no - its not a new laptop - almost 3 years old..the MB failed - so i replaced the MB with one i bought from a reputed dealer on ebay - when this problem with the RAM slot occurred the first time, i had the MB replaced by the seller. But the second one also has the same problem leading me to believe that its not a MB issue. But the RAM sticks seem fine you see the confusion:)
  5. you can try running
  6. thank you.. will try that and let you know.
  7. Hi
    I did try memtest yesterday after burning the iso file.
    Once i put in the memtest disc, i immediately realized the issue i would face. If I put in a RAM card in the 2nd slot, i cant even boot up - all the lights come on - but as i said before, the cd tray keeps clicking and the display is blank.. So i was not even able to boot off of the disc to run memtest with one RAM card in the 2nd slot.
    However, when only one RAM card was present in the 1st slot, both cards had no problem being detected and memtest ran successfully without any issues.
    Strange issue..

    Thanks for your help so far.
  8. not really sure may be a defect in the design of the MB, that causes the second slot to fail prematurely. You did update to the newest bios right.
  9. yes - i did..
  10. Something smells fishy to me,

    Are you positive the ebay seller didn't send you back the same motherboard (possibly mistakenly)?
  11. oh no, he first shipped a different MB before I shipped the earlier defective one back to him. And i also compared serial numbers on the MB .. they are different..
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