Are my temps normal??

Hey everyone,

Well I just bought the Asus CG5270 a few days ago. I have been monitoring the temperatures because of having read that these systems tend to have issues with getting hot. I am going to purchase two case fans, or to intake air in the front of case and one to remove air from the rear of case. As for now I downloaded speedfan and real temp as well as use AI Probe to monitor the temps. As far as the temps read, I get these temps for speedfan
System: 38 (never changes?)
CPU: normally mid to upper 40's
Core 0: 34-36
Core 1: 29-31
Core 2: 35-37
Core 3: 35-37

These are the average temperatures when I'm doing normal functions such as internet or word processing. I haven't did any gaming yet to see those temps. Are these temps normal?? Thanks..
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  1. All good for idle temps for a moderate day.

    Post the temps uder load ... say after running a game for 10 mins.

    Make sure you get those fans in as the Quad will need them - tidy up the internal cables to keep the airflow going.

    It needs a bigger PSU if you plan to upgrade the graphics - has a 400w unit.

  2. Your temps are perfect. You must not be using the stock CPU fan. I couldn't get the stock CPU fan to run below 40.
  3. Thanks!! I actually am using the stock CPU fan. I just bought the pc a few days ago and haven't changed a thing! I will be buying a new graphics card and a larger PSU within the next couple weeks as well as the two case fans once I decide exactly what I am going to get ..I will also post the temps after having played a game for a little while.. Thanks again and I will re-post once I get new temps from gaming..
  4. Cheers and welcome ...
  5. Well I just played 15 minutes of Counter Strike.. The temperature read:
    CPU: 54
    Core 0: 43
    Core 1: 37
    Core 2: 43
    Core 3: 43

    As I was typing this, I checked back and the temps are just about back to their normal values.
  6. Good to go from what I see!
  7. Great!!! I am sure that once I install the case fans I should get somewhat lower values! Thanks again for all the feedback!!
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