Problem with ASUS U3S6

Problem with ASUS U3S6 Error message at bootup - MARVELL 88SE91xx Adapter - Bios Version Initializing._ System freezes at this point. Card is in second PCIe 16 slot
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  1. reset the bios

    is this a new old computer of a new build / upgrade
  2. this a new old computer im rest bios and upgrade not help:(
  3. how did you upgrade the bios if it freezes on post
  4. unplugged ASUS U3S6
  5. k

    with the card out, uninstall all drivers and software related to the card while in safe mode, reboot without card, install drivers, turn off, install card, boot up, cross your fingers
  6. work only when i m go to bios and disable the nVidia SATA controller
  7. did you install your chipset drivers when you built the computer
  8. yes
  9. do you use the nVidia SATA controller
  10. yes
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